Municipal Information

Population (2011)                              218
Labor force                                       112 estimated

Dwellings                                          127
Businesses                                       5
Annual budget                                   $23,000 (approximate)

Community Area                              12.9 km^2 or 3188 acres
                    Southern  Queens County,  Prince Edward Island
Coordinates                                      46°12' North,  63°21'  West
Number of Properties                       155
Inland waterways                              ~21 kilometers
Terrain                                               Rolling hills of shallow loam over sandstone rock.
Elevation Extremes                           Lowest point:  1.3 meters above sea level
                                                          Highest point:  100 meters above sea level
Natural Resources                            Trees and some land, a river and streams
        Natural hazards                        Land:  biting arthropods (mosquito, black fly)
        Unnatural hazards                    Water:  some lost fish hooks,  beaver traps
        Current issues                           stressed river mammals  (beaver)

Municipal Tree                                  Eastern White Pine  (Pinus strobus)
Municipal Flower                              Canadian Thistle   (Cirsium arvense)
Municipal Mammal                           Beaver   (Castor canadensis)
Municipal Amphibian                         Red backed salamander  (Plethodon cinereus)
Municipal Cat                                    Nyan cat.

Things we have:
                                                 A post office,  two Provincial parks, hiking trails, access to the
                                                 West River for fishing and recreation.

Things we don't have:

                                                A yarn shop, Tim Horton's, a convenience store   


Things we don't have

and (some) don't want: 
                                                fast food, sidewalks, a strip mall, casino, any more cell towers

Community Points of interest:            The Bonshaw Hall

                                                           The Bonshaw Community Center,

                                                           a Pioneer Cemetery


A Canada Post Office is located in the community Hall on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Hours are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 to 2:00. The postal code for Bonshaw is C0A 1C0.

Last updated 2013-06-06